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Team Darklord
Update 65 
20 Oct 2009, 12:46 pm

Darling Readers, the Mods have spoken and we are back to updating. On behalf of all the hard-working moderators of this comm, I’d like to offer an apology, and due hopes that we can continue this project with full motivation from now on.

That having been said, we are in need of more staff. Said candidate should at the very least be a reader of any type of Voldemort fic, and willing to be in communication with the current Mods. He or she need only read and pass on more recommendations along with their links. If anyone is interested in aforementioned position, feel free to leave a comment or message mizstorge, reignofthenight, meikitsune, or anarianothren. We’ll be in communication as soon as we’re available.


The Mods are seeking ship manifestos for any and all Tom Riddle and Voldemort pairings (TR/LV-HP, TR-LV/Hermione, TR-LV/DM, etc.) to post here under a dedicated heading. Please comment below to submit a link or pm mizstorge

~New Fics~

Title: Abattoir of Love by ms-anthropy. R. (TR/AM)
Summary: There is something behind Albus Dumbledore's obsession about love...
Warnings: Not so explicit chanslash, bloodsports and attempted abuse

Title: A Long Time Ago, Chapters 1-6, by diana_hawthorne. T (TR/MM, AD)
Summary: Yes, it had been a long time since she was beautiful... Minerva McGonagall remembers a life once lived.

Title: Darkness Falls by rushlight. R (HP/TR)
Summary: Voldemort's Horcruxes aren't as defenseless as they might appear to be.

Title: Of Red Kings and Green Butterflies by WynterRavenheart. T. (LV/HP)
Summary: At night, he dreamt of music and green butterflies, a mockery of the youth he had to kill.

Title: Possessed or Possession by Meikouhaikitsune. M. (TR-LV/HP)
Summary The Locket saves Harry's life, but he's starting to learn the difference between being possessed by someone and being a possession.

Title: The Power of Obsessive Love by Zhu Yingtai. Chapters 1-22. M. (LV/HP)
Summary “When you’ve seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obsessive love.” Nothing can manufacture or imitate love. But could a love potion create the right circumstances for an unlikely love to happen on its own?

~Updated Fics~

Title: An Idle Mind Is The Devil’s Playground by night flame miko. Chapters 11-17. T. (HP/LV)
Summary: A bored Harry Potter is never a good thing. Dumbledore told him he couldn't write to friends, so what about enemies? Watch as because of this, things change and truths come to 'light' or 'dark' as the case may be.

Title: A Single Magic by Pipenerd. Chapter 5. M. (LV/HP)
Summary: Harry defeats the Dark Lord, but in the Wizarding world nothing is as it seems.

Title: Bitter Sweet Candy by Black Bunny Factory. Chapter 4. M. (LV/HP)
Summary: The Dark Lord does not kill Harry, but choses to have him raised by a Death Eater. The Light is in for a rude awakening. But yet maybe the child can still be saved from Darkness, he is after all a Light wizard by origin.

Title: Can’t Break the Silence by Dark Cyan Star. Chapters 5-18. M. (HP/LV)
Summary: Harry’s a Magus, the problem is, he doesn’t want that freakish power and hides his talent. Professor Riddle, a rising Dark Lord, sees through him and tries to court Harry away from Quidditch and into his circle of Wizarding politics. Being raised by Sirius, Harry tries to make his godfather proud by being someone who he thinks Sirius wants him to be.

Title: Fast Forward by pop-pop-bananas. Chapters 35-45. T. (TR/GW)
Summary: Third in the trilogy. Sequel to Press Play. This is the best thing that could be happening, but it's never that simple. You always knew that it wasn't going to be easy, but no-one ever told you that it was going to be this hard.

Title: Hermione Granger and the Heir of Slytherin by RJLupinFan. Chapter 21-22. K+. (TR/HG)
Summary:A vanishing cabinet... an enchanted necklace... the Chamber of Secrets... and one very young, very dangerous, and ever so handsome Dark Lord. Hermione tries hard to send herself, Harry and Ron back to their own time, but Tom Riddle has other plans.

Title: Learning Life’s Lesson by meikouhaikitsune. Chapters 2-10. M. (TR/HP)
Summary: Harry goes back in time... to 1934. Tom, meet Harry Potter, your new father - er -ly figure.

Title: Power, Wealth, and Social Status by Excessively Complex. Chapter 9. T. (LV/BB)
Summary: These three things have ruled Bellatrix Black's early life and seem to be all her family think about for her and her two sisters. She meets the Dark Lord, she leaves Hogwarts, she's marked, she trains, she marries, but not to who you think.

Title: Plague and Pestilence by Seventh Pathogen. Chapter 6. M. (LV/HP)
Summary: A mysterious, incurable virus ravages Europe. Harry's fear begins when he wakes up alone, sure that he is the sole survivor. His terror begins when he realizes that he isn't.

Title: Prisms of Darkness by Serpent in Red. Chapter 6-7. T. (LV/HG)
Summary: She was destined to be his. No one can take her away from him. He will not allow it.

Title: Right of Caste by strangeseraph. Chapters 14-16. T. (LV/HP)
Summary: Harry Potter infiltrates a Dark revel disguised as Lucius Malfoy's nephew, in order to destroy Voldemort once and for all. But somebody is onto his disguise, and Voldemort has plans of his own for Harry

Title: Shadows and Masters by Captain RedStar. Chapters 16-19. T. (HP, LV, OC)
Summary: Sequel to "Begin With Me". Harry Potter soon finds that someone wants to meet him who needs help. It's the last person he expects to require it. But then again,so is this young,cheeky teen's new roommate. Life is hard. Death is harder. And just too weird...

Title: Somewhere in Time by Serpent in Red. Chapters 8-12. T. (TR/HG)
Summary: Sent back in time by a mysterious person, Hermione, Harry, Ginny, and Draco finds out that the past holds more secrets than they had known - including secrets about themselves.

Title: The Bloody Feather by Batsutousai. Chapter 5. M. (TR/HP)
Summary Even heroes need a saviour, and when an unknown admirer starts sending Harry letters the summer before his sixth year, it's time for Harry to meet his.

Title: The Cave Incident by brainstorm1001. Chapters 11-21. T. (HP/LV)
Summary: Three years after the lost battle of Hogwarts Lord Voldemort attempts revenge. Regrettably, he has never learned from his mistakes and underestimates Harry’s incredible luck again.

Title: The Contract by Lady Miya. Chapters 32-33. Adult++. (LV/HG)
Summary: “Greetings Wife; Imagine my surprise when I found out I was married. I am convinced you all have some clever plan behind it. However, make no mistake, I will not let myself be played."
Warnings: Abuse, Angst, Bond, Dom, HJ, M/F, Oral, Preg, SH, SoloF, SoloM, Spank, Tort, UST, Voy

Title: The Traveller’s Secret by eternalangelkiss. Chapters 26-28. 15. (TR, AD, GG)
Summary:It's 1940 and Paris has just fallen to the Nazi Regime. The Muggle world is in turmoil, but little do the Muggles know that the Wizarding world is also at war. A weary traveler comes to England carrying a secret that will change both worlds for better or worse . He comes seeking the protection and help from the adept Albus Dumbledore, a Professor at the famous Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But there is more danger about than even Albus has anticipated. Can Dumbledore protect the traveller and his secret?

Title: Time Changes All Things by ssdawn. Chapters 29-31. NC-17. (TR/HG)
Summary: Hermione travels back in time to seek revenge on Voldemort .As Tom Riddle pursues her, and Hermione's power grows, will her plans change to destroy Riddle? Will Tom change her and the bigger question is...will she like the darker side?

Title: Time Or Manner by Anaria Nothren. Chapters 11-12. T. (TR-LV/HP)
Summary: Voldemort uses a time spell to keep The Boy Who Lived from killing him. In his weak state, it backfires. Enter 1991. An amnesiac 10 year old Dark Lord is signed up for Hogwarts, and can't seem to figure out why a certain green eyed hoodlum is their hero.

Title: Vindico Atrum by Firephoenix8. Chapters 24-33. M. (LV/HP)
Summary: Harry carves out his own path to become something beyond a Dark Lord

Title: Visionary by BC. Chapter 9. T. (TR/HP)
Summary: Harry wakes up on 1.8.1943 and Tom Riddle’s presence seems like the least of his problems… until Tom makes Harry his problem. Old cliché, new design.

Title: Weapon by Jade Tatsu. Chapter 39. M. (LV/HP)
Summary The rebellion is over and the dust has settled but that was simply a squabble among Dark. The true battle to defeat all lies ahead but within the Order can Harry remain undetected and keep his promise to his beloved? (Sequel to Possession.)

~Featured Videos~

The Biography of Tom Riddle
Mod Commentary: Honestly, I never really thought anyone could pull off the idea of young Hannibal as Tom Riddle in a video. The addition of Ralph Fiennes sans the Voldemort make-up is very eye-catching. Finally, the song selection is, in my opinion, perfect. Enjoy this one. It is my own personal recommendation.

Tom Riddle: Cruel Man
Mod Commentary: This video and the song inspired me to write one of my favourite scenes in Time Or Manner. I mean, you’ve probably seen all those Tom Riddle scenes over and over again, but music always changes the way you see things, and this video definitely does the job.

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23 Oct 2009, 09:14 am (UTC)
I'm happy to see you guys up and running again! Even if I don't have as much time for fandom as I'd like to (damn uni...), it's comforting to know that there's somewhere I can go to get my Voldie-fix on a rotten day. Keep up the great work!
24 Oct 2009, 04:05 pm (UTC)

I was wondering if you'd feel comfortable pimping hp_darkfest in your next issue? Posting starts on Halloween. Thanks!
26 Oct 2009, 04:42 pm (UTC)
Question, does anyone have a recent link for HKWEB? I seem to have lost mine and nothing I try works. :( Thanks in advance.

Glad to see you guys updating again!
26 Oct 2009, 08:01 pm (UTC)
Hmm, this is the only link I have just now. It seems to direct there just fine. Hope this is what you're looking for:

27 Oct 2009, 12:19 pm (UTC)
That works. Thanks!
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