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12 Jan 2008, 02:31 pm

Sweet sacrifice, chapter 7, by PrincessSchez. R (HG/LV)
Summary: Evil is prevailing in the Wizarding world, and in the three years since the Trio's graduation from Hogwarts, things have only gotten worse. Every day for the past three years, the Death Eaters have kidnapped a young woman for Voldemort to torture and kill before sunrise. Hermione wants the brutality to end... at any costs...

The Black Heir, chapters 32 - 33, by FirePhoenix 8. M (HP/LV)
Summary: Harry escapes from the Dursleys when he's 10 years old and is
found by the escaped Sirius Black. They will discover they are father and son.
Warnings: dark!Harry, torture, death

Un Coeur Gris, chapter 12, by Tsurai No Shi. T (HP/LV)
Summary : Sequel to Noir Et Blanc. Harry’s back in his original time, but
there are just a few minor problems: namely Voldemort. After that, there is
Warnings: Vampire!Harry, dark themes

Paraselenic, chapter 31, by EmpyrealFantasy. M (HP/LV)
Summary: With maturity comes understanding, and Harry
understands just fine. After ten years in training, Harry returns to the
moment he left…with a whole new plan for himself
Warnings: vampire!Harry, dark!Harry

Paraselene Paralipomena, chapter 6, by EmpyrealFantasy. M (HP/LV)
Summary: Additional content for Paraselenic, see link above.

The Dark Lord Gave To Me, chapters 9 – 13 (epilogue), by Shade Dancer. M (HP/LV)
Summary: Voldemort's doing everything he can to give Harry twelve special
days of Christmas.
Warnings: character death

Family Trait, chapters 23 – 24, by Iivanainen. M (HP/LV)
Summary: Harry is alone at Privet Drive, doing practically nothing until
Voldemort pops up in his head. Being lonely, and Voldemort insisting in not
leaving, they talk...

Chasing Shadows, chapter 51, by Cally E. Larson. M (HP/TMR)
Summary: The story behind the boy they call a god, which is one no mortal
could ever have imagined.
Warnings: child abuse, drug use, language, disturbing content, light sexual descriptions, character death

Unbroken Protection, chapter 7, by xshadoex. K+ (HP, TMR)
Summary: What if Harry disappeared that faithful night after Lily and
James' supposed death? What if, after being discovered to be alive, they found
him, 7 years later, with the most unlikely person as his only family?

Lies Revealed, Sweet Revenge and Eternal Love, chapter 10, by Redneckmama. M (HP/LV)
Summary: Harry discovers his whole life has been a series of lies, even his name. When he finds out the truth, blood and tears will be all that is left behind
Warnings: dark!Harry

Give Me A Reason, chapter 3, by PaleLittle Girl. M (HP/LV)
Summary: He cannot deny Voldemort’s terrible beauty, or what it
does to him. He cannot deny the strange erotic charge between them, or what it
means. He cannot deny that he is a traitor... 


Gloria Victis, chapters 1 – 2 by dancingcarrot21. Rating: 15 (HG/LV)
Summary: Wand raised at her neck, Hermione Granger expected to die on the battlefield that day. Due to perplexing outcomes, she was instead handed faded work robes, branded on her right hand, and given a sentence to serve under the Dark Lord…

Don’t Tell Me You Regret Me? by Schermionie. PG (GW/TMR)
Summary: Dark Lords did not feel remorse ... but if he had, if Tom Riddle had felt even one second of regret, it would have been for her. 

Harry Potter and the Children of the Seeker’s Stone, chapter 1, by Chappe. Rating: 15 (FW/LV)
Summary: A mysterious stone is forged into the lives of three children. Two of them are related and live in America, the other lives in the UK. What ties them together is magical, but originally serves as an attempt to completely collect the lost fragments or 'Horcruxes' of Voldemort's soul…

And all the rest, drabble, by lady_fancypants. G (LV)
Summary: Is anybody home? Post DH

Idle Hands Are The Devil’s Tools, by deceptus_mens. G (Tom Riddle, Amy Benson, Dennis Bishop)
Summary: drabble. Challenge: game

Seven Years, chapters 1 – 9, by SaintRiddley. T (Tom Riddle)
Summary: Tom Riddle and his time as a student at Hogwarts. Not AU; not contradicting canon
Warnings: future torture and death. At this point in the fic, however, Tom is in his first year.
Penance, by Winter Ashby. NC-17 (TMR/GW)
Summary: Tom saw a moon-lit sky and the face of a girl he never really loved. Because he couldn’t love, not as he was. It was just an echo, the imprint of a piece of his soul he lost 17 years ago reflecting back on the monster he became.

Everything you are, by Bleeding Star Goddess. NC-17 (HP/LV)
Summary: When everything you are is destroyed, the fragments left behind cling to the one that broke them.
Warnings: torture, bloodplay, non-con. You need to be logged in to be able to read this! 

Reflect, by jessicakmalfoy. Drabble. G (TMR, HP)
Summary: Tom never gives up…

Seven Chosen Paths, by juliesaintjust. PG (TMR/MM)
Summary: Seven ways they could have chosen and they never were able to walk, or they never had the guts to fit into. It's a seven-ways AU.

Rhapsody, by its_art. NC-17 (GW/TMR)
Summary: The Ministry is celebrating the victory over Voldemort. But Ginny can feels the pounding and the cold of her locket. Midnight shakes the memory and she is lost. (Fic and art, graphic)

The Devil’s Cherries, by Anonymous. NC-17. (LV/BL)
Summary: Her initiation by Voldemort involving him seducing her sexually.
Warnings: bsdm, implied chan, animal cruelty 

Memories, by noscrubs12345. G (TMR/GW)
Summary: When Lily Potter visits her mother, an Alzheimers patient on the Closed Ward, she learns secrets about her parents she wished she never knew. 

A Backwards Persephone, by Iodessa. PG-13/R (TMR/MM, Bellatrix)
Summary: He's come back, transformed and devoid of those things
that made her question the absolute nature of his corruption. 

Incarnation, by Kethlenda. PG-13 (TMR/MM, Marlene McKinnon)
Summary: "The body is a tool," Tom is fond of saying. "A useful tool, yes--one can't hold a wand without it--but nonetheless, only a tool."

Queen For An Age, by lifeinpoetry. PG-13 (TMR/MM)
Summary: Minerva remembers what she had. 

A Sure Thing, It’s All In The Timing, by Kate Lun. PG-13 (TMR/HG)
Summary: Two people meet in a cafe and find their way through a conversational minefield as a Deluxe Time-Turner interrupts their false starts, gaffes, faux pas and fandom cliche on the way to falling in love. 


Fading Away, by Jessica. G (TMR/GW)
Summary: Ginny simply loves Tom… 

, by captblitzdawg. PG
Summary: A portrait. 

Voldemort, by wearingpink. PG

Lord Voldemort, by chocoqueen. PG (LV, OC) 
Summary: What if Lord Voldemort had a wife? She’d be the Death Eater’s boss.

Harry Getting His, by sean2sean. PG (LV, HP) 
Tom and Hermione, by ShinketsuKarasu. PG (TMR/HG)

 Little Riddle
, by Rose-Colligan. PG (TMR)
Tom Riddle, by Indigo-Ocean. PG (TMR)

Find TMR/GW icons here and here, by Superchibimoon. G

Announcement: Coming soon: list of Russian fics featuring Lord Voldemort as a main character. The first part will contain het, the second part slash.

Many thanks to Mizstorge and Soldurios for the compilation of this list! And of course to all the wonderful writers and artists as well!
14 Jan 2008, 03:03 am (UTC)
Thank you so much for putting this together; I'm sure it's very time consuming. I appreciate your effort.
16 Jan 2008, 09:36 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the tip! ))
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