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Team Darklord
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Dedicated to news of the Dark Lord's corner of the fandom - new fics, art, essays, RPG, etc.
Welcome to the Dark Lord's realm!
The unholy heir of and unofficial successor to darklord_news!

This is the place to find links to fics, art, recs, icons, discussions, essays, rants, searches, questions, challenges, RPGs, updates - anything related to Voldemort, the Dark Lord. Gen or ship, slash or het - it's all here!

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Community Rules

- team_darklord is not an archive. All works must be posted elsewhere and are the property of their creators.

- Items submitted to team_darklord must center around the character of Tom Marvolo Riddle-Lord Voldemort. While he doesn't have to be the main character, he should be an influential secondary character, a significant off-stage presence, or a character who has an integral role to the overall plot, theme, emphasis, or weight of the work. If the work in question does not feature TMR-LV then it should certainly be based around how he has in some way affected the main character or characters.

- If you have a link to offer, kindly comment on an existing post or email one of the Moderators. If you are not certain whether something in particular falls into the above category, please send us a link and we'll be happy to look through it.

- Because of current LJ policy NC-17 posts should be f-locked or flagged. team_darklord will not be held responsible for minors reading inappropriate material.

Please use this format when submitting links (delete the spaces)
: < b >Title:< /b > Title, url, Author or Artist, Rating, (Characters/Pairing)
< b >Summary: < /b >
< b >Warnings :< /b >

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